An inside perspective from a South Australian mountain bike downhill competitor

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Recently we caught up with KG, an Adelaide born and bred MTB enthusiast and competitor and thought we’d ask him a few questions about the sport:

What’s unique to you about mountain biking?

The rewards from feeling the rush of travelling fast, downhill on 2 wheels.  Mountain biking is not for the faint hearted and not for everyone.

What’s involved in the sport?

Ensuring my bike is well maintained is crucial, but also means it can be a costly sport. Keeping fitness at good levels and early morning starts to hit the tracks. Experiencing raw nature at its finest just adds to the addiction of MTB.

Can you share a unique place that you’ve visited, or a unique experience that you’ve had?

I enjoy the outdoors – wakeboarding, camping and unwinding on the River Murray at Murray Bridge.

(If you’re in the area, keep a look out for the guy with a weird belly button and give him a wave!)

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We need more outside street life entertainment.  Live music and performances to get amongst it, where food and drinks CAN BE ENJOYED!

Thanks KG.

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